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Capital Rewards Program

Capital Rewards Program is a loyalty program that rewards Capital Bank credit card holders through earning points when purchasing items on the credit card, the points can be exchanged instantly on the Point of Sale machine at designated stores and locations.


How to join the program?

Once a credit card is issued, the card (primary or supplementary) will be automatically enrolled in the program.


How are points earned?

When using the credit card for any payment whether local, international or online.

 The table below shows the earnings relative to card type:

Card Type

Points earned

Visa Infinite

1 point for every 5JODs spent


How can someone redeem points on the POS machine?


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The points will be redeemed at POS machines at designated stores and locations.


How can someone find out the available points balance?

  • Contacting the call center
  • Monthly SMS sent to the clients directly
  • The POS machine at the designated locations
  • On the receipt printed out from the POS machine

Where can the points be redeemed?

Type of Business:

  • Name:
    Miles of Smiles Dental Center


Can the points be redeemed as cash?

Yes, the earned points can be redeemed as cash at any time by sending a Secure Mail through capital online or by contacting the call center, where the points will converted into cash and credited to the cards account effective on the following working day.




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